No one is entirely good or bad. A man must be what he is. Until the next episode when he’s the exact opposite, because who cares about continuity and character development when a plot twist demands murdering or sexy time? It’s not like people care about content when they’re watching on their phones while tweeting the cast to ask if they like pizza and puppies. Everyone likes pizza and puppies. Stop fucking asking that every fucking time, you ADD dipshits… I mean adoring fans for whom I show my love with cheerful cyber abuse!
Adam Horowitz misquotes Eleanor Roosevelt 
My mother used to say, ‘Encourage the quest for happiness in your children, even if it takes them very far away from you’.

Alternate Timeline Nina to Alternate Timeline Olivia (struggling to find a rationale that supports her willingness to forego her personal memories of the past, and the close bond, she and Peter share), Fringe “A Short Story About Love” 

(…or an AT Nina Sharp, because, quite frankly, Snow and Charming suck balls at life’s wisdom.)

You’re afraid that you will lose each other again. I’m trying to tell you that I’ve seen what you see… You must face this pain together… I have experience with this—this sort of pain, and you can’t escape it by building walls around your heart. Or by breaking a universe. Or by vengeance. You lost each other once, but you have another chance.

Walter to Olivia, Fringe 

(If only Emma had a Walter…)

Does anyone else think it’s absurd that television shows, particularly network, have red carpet screenings for their premieres? The show is 42 minutes long! It probably takes longer to get from your limo to your seat in the freak’n theater! Just an example, I think, of B-list actors and producers with an over-inflated sense of self-importance trying to prove that they are just as good as the movie stars. They should spend less on this kind of shit and more on hiring better writers… and then maybe they would get noticed by the movie studio honchos for the film careers they all secretly want.

And who thinks they picked the “El Capitan” because of their hard-on for Captain Hook?

Write drunker than Captain Hook in a rum factory; edit with an apple-induced concussion and no integrity.
Adam Horowitz misquotes Ernest Hemingway