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Thanks! I loved Fringe and was a bit ticked when Georgina Haig joined OUAT. She will always be Henrietta Bishop to me. And Fringe will always be far better at telling a story of family, redemption, and true love than OUAT.


I couldn’t resist making this!

I couldn’t resist making this!

I know how you feel. Bobby's chest does nothing for me now; what's the point of it anyway? I mean, Belle's not even by Rumple's side, so that just angers and saddens me. I was so excited about S4, but we never did get Belle spoilers at CC, so it really appears as if she'll have little screen time this year. How HARD would it have been to stick her next to Rumple in the promo? They literally went OUT of their way to ignore her.


The point some people seem to be missing (not on purpose, of course, I’d never think that!) is that people who are pissed about the promo aren’t really pissed about the promo. It’s not about that specific promo (it was meh at best, and it would’ve still been meh with Belle) but about the fact that this is the last in a long series of slights of Belle. She’s almost never included in anything remotely promo-related, from DVD packaging to photoshoots. 

We’ve tried over and over to call attention to this (always respectfully, please) and yet nothing seems to happen. And there is no “we’re focusing on the original, central characters” because there’s Hook in all his glory getting front and centre coverage even though his whole story now is that he’s with Emma. That’s it, that’s Hook’s whole storyline. So there is, really, no good reason not to stick poor Emilie de Ravin somewhere in that promo so she gets a little exposure for the work she’s choosing to do instead or pursuing other opportunities.

So true. Belle gets shafted by the promo team AND the writers. For Emilie’s sake, depending on how long her contract is for and how long the show lasts, I hope she doesn’t renew, because her character has become as useless as Hook with a smidgen of the screentime.

Storybrookemirror has been overhauled. Way to show what CS and OQ goupies they are. Two affiliated CS sites, but nothing SF or Neal-related. Neal is utterly gone from their universe like ABC publicity airbrushing him out of last season’s promo poster.

I used to like that site’s generally unbiased approach and postings. More Kool Aid junkies *sigh*.

Just say ‘no’!